Kotula Honouring World Environment Day

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Today is World Environment Day – a day when we turn our focus to cleaning up the planet.

What is this year’s theme?

This year is all about connecting people to nature.

That means encouraging people to get outdoors and appreciate the beauty of the planet in a bid to show people the importance of protecting it for future generations.

The theme was chosen by this year’s host country – Canada – which will be the centre of World Environment Day Activities

How does Kotula contribute to this initiative?

  1. The choices we make when creating a new garden. We mostly choose schools, firstly to benefit the kids in big numbers and secondly to improve the look and feel of the school and the school grounds.

  2. Participation from the beneficiaries of the garden/farm. They are taught on how care for their garden/farm so that they can enjoy the harvest.

  3. Communities around the gardens/farms also benefit because they get fed from the gardens/farms

  4. By also creating awareness for preserving the plants and trees around us – we participate in Arbor Month were we plant new trees yearly

At our gardens/farms:

  1. We make our own compost from dead leaves and other green materials

  2. We collect grass cut offs to use as a blanket for our beds

  3. We make our own compost tea – it’s good to kills off insects and fertilises the soil

  4. We don’t cut off trees in or around our gardens, we work around them.

  5. We practice crop rotation at our gardens/farms – to preserve the quality of the soil

  6. We also plant in tyres – it’s easy to water the plants which saves water and the kids love getting involved in decorating the tyres and caring for the plants

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