Who Are We?

Kotula is a community upliftment programme that is an Evolve Executive Search CSR Initiative operating within Diakonia, a registered NGO organisation, as well as other institutions within the Soweto area in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The programme comprises of a series of projects that support and empower orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC) as well as women and the elderly residents in the community of Central Western Jabavu, Soweto, infected and affected by HIV, domestic violence and poverty.

Kotula and all of the programmes provided are solely funded by Evolve working in partnership with Diakonia Aids Ministry. To resource the necessary skills for our feeding initiatives, Kotula sources volunteers in the neighbouring communities who are then trained by the Department of Agriculture. Once a piece of land has been identified in Soweto, the soil is technically tested for farming-readiness, thereafter the land is prepared, a crop rotation system is implemented, the first seeds are planted and we begin to farm. At this point, a specific volunteer is employed by Evolve as a farmer and paid a monthly salary to take full responsibility for the management of the farm.

Responding to the direct and specific needs of this community, Kotula’s services include:

  • Feeding programme
  • Relief programme
  • Dance academy
  • Educational programme
  • Empowering, enriching and enhancing women and children’s lives offering them a brighter future, by assisting with their basic daily needs

Our Work



The launch of Kotula and our first farm

Producing 500 meals per week for the children
of Diakonia.



We launched the Kotula Dance Academy, in partnership with Katz School of Dance in Bryanston, Johannesburg, which initially supported 20 children with dance bursaries.


Kotula Dance Academy performs the Mini
Lion King at Wits Theatre, Johannesburg, the first time
the children have performed on public stage.


Kotula saw the number of farms increase to 11 which collectively produced 8 000 meals per week.


2018: Kotula to launch 3 new farms producing 1 700 more meals per week, which will take our collective production to 10 000 meals per week!
Programmes in the pipeline:
  • Grow the feeding programme to 20 000 meals weekly by 2022.
  • Kotula to take the dance academy overseas on tour.
  • The launch of Educational, Music and Sports Academies.
  • Kotula to launch a School of the Performing Arts.
  • Kotula to launch Communal Farms.
  • Partnership acquisition drive to scale our capacity across all programmes.

Kotula Wishes To Thank Our Collaborators

KO2LA name with green wheat background Kotula
April 11, 2019

A new dawn for Kotula

After 5 years of existence, “Kotula” distributes more than 350,000 meals per year to the most disadvantaged people in Soweto and aims to double this…
May 9, 2018

Concordia College at Diakonia

Students form Concordia College, Minnesota are visiting Diakonia for the week as part of their biennial trip to South Africa. As part of their globally focused…
May 9, 2018

Kotula Honouring World Environment Day

Today is World Environment Day – a day when we turn our focus to cleaning up the planet. What is this year’s theme? This year…


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